World Bank Group

World Bank/ESMAP Global Geothermal Development Plan:
Changing the Course of Geothermal Development

APRIL 26 13:30 –  15:30
Conference Room  D4-Rima Hall

INTRODUCTION | Mr. Thrainn Fridriksson, Senior Energy Specialist, Energy & Extractives Global Practice, The World Bank
MODERATOR | Ms. Almudena Mateos, Senior Energy Specialist, Europe and Central Asia, Energy & Extractives Global Practice World Bank
Indonesia | Mr. Edwin Syahruzad, Director Financing and Investment, PT SMI, Republic of Indonesia
Turkey | Ms. Ruken Öztekin, Manager, Technology, Research and Business Development Department, TKB and Coşkun Kanberoğlu, Department Head, Engineering and Technical Consultancy, TSKB, TSKB, Republic of Turkey
Dominica | Mr. Vince Henderson, Permanent Representative and Ambassador of the Commonwealth of Dominica to the United Nations in New York
St Lucia | Ms. Charlin Bodley, Energy Officer, Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Energy, Government of Saint Lucia
Kenya | Mr. John Omenge, Secretary Geo-Exploration, is the Head of the Geo-Exploration Directorate, Ministry of Energy, Nairobi, Kenya
Gender and Geothermal | Ms. Ellen Morris, Ph.D., Energy and Environment Faculty, Columbia University and President, Sustainable Energy Solutions (WBG Consultant)
CLOSING REMARKS | María Erla Marelsdóttir, Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs

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