Þórunn Dögg HarðardóttirProject Manager, Athygli Conferences

    Þórunn Dögg is one of the owners of Athygli Conferences. She has been in the business of organizing conferences since 1999 when she became a project manager at Iceland Travel. In 2005 she switched over to Congress Reykjavík where she worked for the next four years.

    Þórunn Dögg has a B.Ed. degree from the University of Education in 1992, and received a Diploma in Practical mass communication from the University of Iceland in 1995. A couple of years later she received a diploma in tourism from the Icelandair School of Travelling before receiving another diploma in human resource management from the University of Iceland / Continuing Education in 2004. She is now finishing her MS degree in marketing and international business from the University of Iceland.

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