Peter ChegeAssistant Manager at KenGen

    Peter Chege is Assistant Manager, responsible for the Geothermal Wellhead plants at Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd. (KenGen). He has been responsible for the successful implementation of KenGen’s geothermal wellhead power plant strategy. With initial studies on possible wellhead power plant development back in 2001, KenGen concretely explored the implementation of wellhead plants in 2007 with the tender for a pilot plant in 2009. Work on the 5.5 MW pilot plant started in 2010, with its start of operation in 2012. Today, KenGen operates 15 geothermal wellhead plants with a combined installed capacity of 81.1 MW, representing around 15% of KenGen’s installed geothermal power generation capacity (as of April 2018).

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