Paul VossManaging Director of Euroheat & Power

    Paul Voss joined Euroheat & Power as Managing Director in late 2013 from Danfoss District Energy, a global leader in District Heating and Cooling (DHC) technology. As Head of Public and Industrial Affairs, he led the company’s efforts to engage with policy-makers at global, EU, national and local level. Prior to that, he was responsible for relations with EU institutions in the fields of energy and environment policy at the European LPG Association. He has also worked for CLAN Public Affairs as a public policy analyst.

    Paul has an in-depth understanding of EU policy and first-hand experience in managing cooperation between the private and public sectors in pursuit of shared goals, and has played a leading role in establishing the heating sector in general and district energy in particular as priority fields in EU energy policy.

    He has studied in Canada, France and Belgium and holds a Masters degree in European Public Policy.

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