John M. OmengeSecretary Geo-Exploration, is the Head of the Geo-Exploration Directorate, Ministry of Energy, Nairobi, Kenya

    Mr. Omenge has worked for just over 33 years as a Geologist for the Government of Kenya, 9 of the years during which he has served as Chief Geologist, and later, Secretary, Geo-Exploration at the Ministry of Energy.

    He is the Alternate Director of Board to the Principal Secretary, State Department of Energy, at the Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board (KNEB)

    The Geo-Exploration Directorate takes care of among others, matters of Exploration and Development of Geothermal and Nuclear Energy Resources on behalf of the Government of Kenya.

    Mr. Omenge holds a BSc degree in Geology from the University of Poona, India and MSc Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology Degree from Leicester University, UK.

    He is a Fellow of the Geological Society of Kenya and Registered Geologist by the Geologists Registration Board of Kenya.

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