Harpa Pétursdóttir, Committee MemberLawyer - Associate at BBA Legal & Chairman of the Board, Women in Energy – Iceland

    Harpa Petursdottir is a lawyer at the law firm BBA which specializes in energy matters. She has many years of experience in geothermal and electricity matters from her years working for the National Energy Authority, where she was also a project manager for the National Regulatory Authority of the NEA. She has assisted on advising the government and in drafting bills related to energy matters. Harpa is a lecturer at the Law Faculty University of Iceland and a member of the board for the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Research of the University. Harpa has also written numerous articles and been a speaker in many countries on geothermal matters. Harpa is also the founder of, which was founded in March 2016, and serves as the Chairman of the Board.

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