Icelandic School of Energy

Iceland School of Energy Program

IGC2018, Harpan, RIMA Hall, 10:30 – 12:30, April 25, 2018

Developing the world towards a sustainable and clean energy system is one of the foremost challenges of the next century. The Iceland School of Energy is a graduate school and research institution based in Reykjavik University that seeks to directly address the pressing challenge in the world’s energy system. With over 60 researchers, faculty and staff, we are actively engaged in promoting the application of Iceland’s cutting edge geothermal experience on an international scale. This session will promote ISE’s work on exciting, innovative research projects and the important role academia can have in promoting the geothermal industry.

Juliet Newson, Director of Iceland School of Energy

Designing and managing geothermal training programmes

Samuel Scott, Poct-Doctoral Fellow, Reykjavik University

New Research Frontiers in Geothermal Geoscience

Clare Baxter, Technical Sales Advisor Energy (UK & Europe) at Seequent

Geological modeling software

Romain Metge, M.Sc. Sustainable Energy Sciences

Geothermal Potential evaluation of the Lausanne area, Switzerland

Daniel Einarsson, M.Sc. Sustainable Energy Sciences

Updating the model of Reykjavik’s low temperature geothermal resources

Cari Debra Covell, M.Sc. Sustainable Energy Sciences

Statistical characterization of geothermal reservoirs

Viviana Leon Rincon, Colombian Geothermal Association, AGEOCOL

Social impact of geothermal development

Jóhann Mar Ólafsson, M.Sc. Sustainable Energy Sciences

Geothermal drone heat mapping at Krysuvik

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