Vilhjálmur Guðmundsson, Committee MemberBusiness Development at Green Energy Geothermal Ltd

    Mr Vilhjalmur Gudmundsson has spent over 12 years being engaged in geothermal developments internationally, mostly for Iceland Drilling Company (IDC). Being responsible for IDC international project marketing and sales for 8 years, until December 2012, he rejoined the company in February 2016.

    Vilhjálmur has further been occupied as director of business development for the Green Energy Geothermal (GEG) promoting Geothermal Wellhead Power Plants in the Caribbean and Latin America region in the last three years. Vilhjalmur continues working for GEG, promoting the power plants parallel to his work for IDC.

    Concentrating on business development for both geothermal drilling projects and small geothermal power plants around the world, being responsible not only in marketing and sales but also in tendering work and contract negotiation gives him a valuable overview of the service needed in geothermal development.

    Prior to his work in the geothermal sector, Mr Gudmundsson was a director of business development at the Trade Council of Iceland, having years of experience in international marketing projects, being responsible for marketing actions in Central and East European countries, Asian countries, Russia, and in Chile.

    Vilhjalmur has Cand Oecon Degree from the University of Iceland and Master Degree in International Business from Lunds University in Sweden.

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