Valdís GuðmundsdóttirReservoir Engineer at ISOR

    Valdís Guðmundsdóttir works as a reservoir engineer and well logging technician at Iceland Geosurvey. She has been involved in numerous projects to do with resource assessment and geothermal management such as the compilation and revision of conceptual models (e.g. for Olkaria in Kenya, Reykjanes and Krafla in Iceland) the revision of large numerical models (for the Olkaria, Kenya and Krafla, Iceland), monitoring geothermal reservoirs (Reykjanes and Svartsengi, Iceland), analysis and modelling the response of geothermal reservoirs to production.  Additionally, she is involved in logging, testing and evaluating geothermal wells.

    She graduated Imperial College, London in 2003 where she studied physics and L’University de Paris-Sud in 2005 with a masters degree in physics with emphasis on medical imaging techniques.

    She has taught and supervised students at the United Nations Geothermal Training program, Reykjavík University and the Keilir Insititute of Technology.

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