Thráinn FridrikssonSenior Energy Specialist, Energy & Extractives Global Practice, World Bank

    Thrainn Fridriksson has worked at ESMAP as a geothermal energy specialist since 2014.  He has led the development of knowledge products, including authoring a technical report on Greenhouse Gases from Geothermal Power Production and managed various technical assistance activities. Thrainn also provides technical support to other Task Teams working on geothermal projects at the World Bank, such as in Turkey, Armenia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Fiji.  Thrainn has led the Global Geothermal Development Plan since May 2017.

    Thrainn is a geothermal geochemist by training, holding a BS degree in geology from the University of Iceland and a Ph.D. in geochemistry from Stanford University.  Before joining World Bank/ESMAP, Thrainn worked at Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR) for 11 years.  At ÍSOR his tasks included conventional geothermal geochemistry applied to production monitoring and exploration.  During this time he led research projects on natural CO2 emission geothermal fields in Iceland.  He was also responsible for project management, training and technical coordination of projects for the Icelandic Agency for International Development (ICEIDA).

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