Sigurður St. ArnaldsSenior Project Manager

    Mr. Arnalds is a Senior Energy Advisor at Mannvit, engineering firm based in Iceland. He graduated as Civil Engineer M.Sc. at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU, in 1973 and has been with Mannvit and associated firms for a total of 45 years. He retired as Director of the Energy Division at Mannvit as well as Chairman of the Board in 2013 to become part time Senior Advisor in the field of Energy. Throughout the years, he has held leading technical, environmental and public relations roles in the development and realization of multiple significant projects in Iceland and abroad in the fields of hydroelectric energy, transmission, power intensive industry and geothermal utilization for heat and power. A decade ago he served in a working group for IHA (International Hydropower Association), for the development of an international multi stakeholder Sustainability Assessment Protocol, HSAP, now applied worldwide. Currently, Mr Arnalds is the Moderator and Project Manager for a Working Group from the Icelandic geothermal sector, working on adaption and transformation of the HSAP to application for geothermal projects and plants, GSAP. 

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