Rikardur RikardssonManaging Director of Landsvirkjun Power

    Rikardur Rikardsson is Managing Director of Landsvirkjun Power, a subsidiary of Landsvirkjun, Iceland´s National Power Company. Landsvirkjun Power offers international hydro and geothermal power advisory and co-development partnerships. The company partners with engineering and financial services to offer complete solutions and will consider co-investment opportunities.

    In his previous employment Mr. Rikardsson led programmable chip maker Xilinx’s European service product offering, then worked in banking and eventually as Director at Glitnir Bank before going into consulting at M&A advisory Capacent Glacier and later McKinsey&Co. Since 2011 Mr. Rikardsson has been with Landsvirkjun where, prior to taking on Landsvirkjun Power, he was Director of Sales and Business Development.

    Mr. Rikardsson completed his M.Sc. in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 2002 and PED from IMD, Lausanne, in 2017.

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