Moneer Fathel Abdallah AlnetharyGeologist and MSc graduate, GSMRB, Yemen

    Moneer graduated in 2010 with a BSc degree in Geology from Taiz University, Yemen. He was a UNU Fellow at UNU-GTP in 2010, and did his MSc studies on a UNU-GTP Fellowship presenting his MSc thesis in January 2018, titled „Petrology of the Hornfels contact zone around the Hrossatungur gabbro in the eroded Hafnarfjall central volcano, W-Iceland“. Moneer is married and has 3 children.

    Moneer was employed as a geologist at the Geological Survey and Mineral Resources Board in Sana’a, Yemen from 2005, where he was a member of the geothermal energy project, and participated in exploration and evaluation of Yemen‘s geothermal fields. After his training in Iceland his assignment became Borehole Geology, to be responsible as such for the scheduled deep drilling in the Alisi-Isbil geothermal area, as well as geological and geothermal surveys of other fields, which were canceled with the break out of the war in Yemen.

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