Jill HaizlipPresident and Senior Geochemist, Geologica Geothermal Group Inc.

    Ms. Haizlip has over 30 years of professional experience in the fields of geothermal resource evaluation, geology and hydrogeochemistry applied to a variety of geothermal exploration, resource assessment, characterization, development, and related environmental assessment projects.  She has worked extensively with multi-disciplinary teams to develop conceptual and numerical models of geothermal systems as a basis for exploration programs, development planning and resource assessment.

    Her expertise in chemistry of geothermal fluids and natural waters has been applied frequently in the assessment of geothermal resources, geothermal development effects, and geothermal and hydrological issues such as: non-condensable gas loading, scaling and corrosion potential, air emissions, hydrogen sulfide abatement, steam treatment and other geochemical considerations of geothermal development.  She has managed comprehensive geothermal resource exploration, assessment, and development projects, water source evaluation, recharge, tracer test design and analysis, chemical characterization and water quality.  Ms. Haizlip brings a practical understanding of geothermal development to the team having worked for a geothermal developer and operator.  She is currently President and Principal Geochemist of the geothermal resource consulting firm: Geologica Geothermal Group, Inc.

    Ms. Haizlip has extensive experience working on development of geothermal systems worldwide.  She is currently working on various aspects of geothermal resource exploration and investigations for development, project financing and due diligence in Fiale Caldera, Djibouti; Sorik Marapi, Indonesia; Suswa Volcano, Kenya; Olkaria Kenya; Kalahari Graben, Zambia; Gediz and Menderes Graben, Turkey; Menengai, Kenya; Nevis and St. Kitts, Caribbean; as well as The Geysers, the Salton Sea, and numerous geothermal resources in Nevada, northern California, Oregon, and Colorado in the U.S.A.

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