Inside the Glacier – Langjökull Icecave

    INTO THE CLACIER, Europe’s largest man-made ice tunnel and caves, opened June 1 2015.  Set high on second largest ice cap in Iceland,  Langjökull, stretching 200 meters into solid glacier ice 30 meters below the surface. INTO THE GLACER will offer visitors a once in a lifetime experience, where they get to explore around and within the mighty Langjökull.

    Visitors are invited to embark on a weather dependent adventure into the great wilderness of Iceland. Visitors will travel up the glacier to the ice caves and tunnel in massive purpose built 8 wheel drive super trucks.

    With crevasses stretching deep into the glacier there are five grand ice chambers and incredible lighting to guide you through this sub-glacial journey. Our tours are perfectly suited for those looking to discover something truly amazing and unique.

    Visitors will be able to learn about glaciology in a completely new hands on way, through a firsthand insight into the fascinating concept of glaciers, how they form and the thought provoking effects of global warming.

    Friday April 27
    10:00 – 17:00

    Price: ISK 36.000
    Included: Bus, guidance, 2 – 2,5 hours Monster Truck ride on the glacier, admission to the Ice Cave

    Minimum 15 pax

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