Reykjanes Peninsula – Geology and Nature Tour

    Iceland Geothermal offers a trip through the “Blue Diamond Tourist Route” in Geothermal Reykjanes. The focus will be on experiencing the peninsula and the unique landscape, geology and history of the area. Here below are the main sites that will be visited on this tour.


    A very important high temperature geothermal area in Iceland that easily competes with the geyser region – a walk through the land of the geothermal gods.


    The largest lake in the Reykjanes peninsula about 10 km² – hot water from hot springs runs into the lake and its volcanic surroundings are unique and beautiful – legend says a monster in the shape of a worm and the size of a whale lives in the lake.


    A magical pool carved naturally by marine erosion frequently visited by a giantess.




    The largest mud geyser in Iceland named after a 400 year old poltergeist named Gunna that was trapped in the geyser by a priest – truly a magnificent geothermal cite.






    The Reykjanes lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in Iceland built in 1907-1908 – the light signal height is 69 meters above sea level – It is the most popular lighthouse among Icelanders according to a survey of the Icelandic Maritime Administration.


    Spectacular mountain formed in a single eruption when 1200°c hot lava rapidly cooled down in the cold sea.

    Karlinn   (The man)

    The man is a 50 meter high crater tap from the crater row Stampar the stands majestically in the ocean not far from the beach – his spouse the woman for a long time stood beside him but has now departed to her watery grave

    Eldey    (Fire Island)

    Fire island is a 77 meter high rock protruding out of the sea – it is one of the biggest gannet colonies in the world and the last known residence of the great auk.


    Inside the living volcano – walk inside a crater formed in the Reykjanes fires in 1210-1240 and discover the magnificent view over the blue diamond tourist route.

    Bridge Between Continents

    According to the continental drift theory you can take a walk between Europe and North America in the Blue Diamond – geologically speaking.

    Power Plant Earth

    Interactive exhibition located inside a geothermal power plant where you can learn about the uniqueness of Iceland in the harnessing of green energy in a sustainable manner. When a group arrives the guide talks about the plant itself and the Resource Park in the Reykjanes peninsula.

    He also talks about the uniqueness of Iceland in the harnessing of renewable energy.

    Then leads the group into the exhibition and answer questions.

    The journey through the exhibition takes about 1 hour.

    Wednesday April 25
    13:30 – 18:30

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