Efrain Villanueva ArcosGeneral Director of Clean Energies at the Ministry of Energy, Mexico
    • Since March 2013 he served as the General Director of Clean Energies at the Ministry of Energy, where he also
    • coordinates the Fund for Energy Transition and Sustainable Use of Energy (FOTEASE), and participate as a member of the Sustainable Energetic Fund, and play the role as Technical Secretary of the Consultative Council for the Energy Transition that was established by the Energy Transition Act.
    • He has served also in other federal positions as General Director for Coordinated Services in Public Education (1985-1991); Chief of Secretary’s Office in the Federal Secretary of Tourism (1991-1994).
    • At the local Government of the State of Quintana Roo, he served as Secretary of Education and Culture (1981-1987) and Secretary of Interior (2003-2004).
    • In academic activities, he served as Rector of the University of the State of Quintana Roo (1994-2002) and also as President of the Public Administration Institute in the same State (2010-2013).
    • In political issues, he was elected as Legislator in the State Congress of Quintana Roo and appointed by his peers as President of the Mexican Conference of Legislators and State Congress nationwide.

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