Charles Muturia LichoroGeophysicist and a PhD student, GDC, Kenya

    Charles received his BSc in Industrial Electronics from Egerton University, Kenya. He was a UNU Fellow at UNU-GTP in 2009, and did his MSc in Geophysics in 2011-2013 from University of Iceland (UI) on a UNU-GTP Fellowship. He has been working on his PhD studies at UI since late 2015, also on a UNU-GTP Fellowship. Charles is married and has 4 children.

    Charles is currently employed at the Geothermal Development Company, Ltd. – GDC in Kenya. He has worked in the geothermal industry for over 18 years, from 1999 with the Kenya Electricity Generating Company, Ltd. – KenGen, and then from 2009 with GDC. Over the years he has carried out geophysical exploration work in a number of geothermal fields, including Olkaria, Longonot, Suswa, Menengai, Arus Bogoria, Lake Baringo, Korosi-Chepchuk, Paka, Silali, Barrier, Homa Hills and Mwananyamala in Kenya. He has been involved in consultancy work in other regional geothermal areas in Djibouti, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi and Eritrea. He as also been involved in geophysical research work in geothermal fields outside Africa, namely Krafla in Iceland and Parkfield in California, USA with the aim of understanding geothermal systems in those regimes.

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