Regional Cluster workshop: Strategies for future collaboration


Location: Harpa Conference center, Reykjavik.
Date and time: 24th April from 13:00 to 16:30
Registration: Interested participants please contact Vidar Helgason, Managing Director of Iceland Geothermal by email:

A workshop focusing on cooperation between clusters and industry collaborations will be coordinated by Iceland Geothermal, GEODEEP and CeMIEGeo.

This workshop will strengthen collaboration between clusters (regional industry platforms). The objective is to have to joint workshop with cluster from all over the world . The main question for consideration is what strategies industry clusters can jointly develop or support to promote geothermal development globally. The workshop is organized by Iceland, France and Mexican clusters with the support of The Global Geothermal Alliance (GGA) the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Special focus will be given to industry partners of the Global Geothermal Alliance (GGA). The full agenda will be introduced in March.

This event is open for cluster or industry group representatives.

Global Geothermal Alliance
Iceland Geothermal Cluster Initiative
Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland

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