Geothermal System Management:  Reservoir Modeling for management

Reykjavik University

Location: Reykjavik University, Menntavegi 1,101 Reykjavík.
Date and time: 24th April from 08:30 to 16:30
Registration fee: 20,000 ISK (part of IGC 2018 registration form)
Room number: V108

Dr John O’Sullivan – Geothermal Institute, University of Auckland, New Zealand – See information here.

Professor Michael John O’Sullivan –  Department of Engineering Science and a member of the Geothermal Institute at the University of Auckland, New Zealand – See information here.


Modeling has become a vital tool for supporting management decisions for geothermal resources. In this one-day short course we will discuss the uses and limitations of modelling in the geothermal context as well as presenting the current industry best practices. The key modelling topics that will be covered include:

  • Data collection and preparation
  • Conceptual modelling
  • Numerical model design and setup
  • Model calibration
  • Production history matching
  • Future forecasts
  • Uncertainty and model sensitivity

We will present a number of case studies, with participants taking part in practice analysis in groups. We will also address the role of the geothermal reservoir modelling team including advice on approaches for interacting most effectively with other geothermal stakeholders (scientists, engineers, management and regulators).

„This unique course has limited enrollment. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis“

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