For those that are adventurous and simply want to take the opportunity to experience Iceland unique landscape and tourist attraction in Iceland the excursions offered are just the thing.
Special attention should be given to the Theistareykir geothermal day trip that offers a full day of excitement and the opportunity to see a newly commissioned state-of-the art geothermal power plant.

Theistareykir – New Power Plant in North of Iceland


UNIQUE EXPERIENCE IN ONE DAY – Theistareykir field trip is a day trip up to the North of Iceland to explore geothermal utilization. Participants flies up to Akureyri from where you will be taken to the unique landscape of Lake Myvatn and to the geothermal fields of Krafla, and finally to Þeistareykir. Þeistareykir is where the National Power Company is constructing a new geothermal power plant expected to go online by the end of year 2017. The group will travel between the fields on snow scooters.

Inside the Glacier – Langjökull Icecave

INTO THE CLACIER Europe’s largest man-made ice tunnel and caves, opened June 1 2015. Set high on second largest ice cap in Iceland, Langjökull, stretching 200 meters into solid glacier ice 30 meters below the surface. INTO THE GLACER will offer visitors a once in a lifetime experience, where they get to explore around and within the mighty Langjökull.


Golden Circle – Gullfoss and Geysir


The waterfall Gullfoss and Geysir the geothermal field needs little introduction: it includes some of Iceland’s most stunning sights.

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