General Engineering and Consulting

EFLA is a general engineering and consulting company based in Iceland with international activities and consultancy around the globe. EFLA’s strength is based on highly qualified and experienced professionals with expertise in a wide variety of fields. The company mission is to enable and support the success of its customers and society as a whole, through progressive and value driven solutions.

EFLA has affiliated companies based in Norway, Sweden, France, Poland and Germany.


Large-scale in nature and often sensitive in terms of both environment and public opinion, energy and utilities projects require sensitive handling, presentation and implementation. EFLA has four-decades-experience in the energy sector, in some of the world’s most ecologically sensitive and physically challenging settings. This has provided the company with highly specialised skills that place it at the forefront of power distribution systems and utilizing renewable energy resources.

EFLA specialises in design, management and implementation of diverse engineering power and utility projects. EFLA is therefore a leading provider of one-stop services in production and distribution of electricity and other types of utilities, covering everything from environmental issues, geotechnical engineering, surveying, power plant design to project management.

Geothermal energy

EFLA is one of the world’s few engineering consulting firms with decades of experience in harnessing rapidly emerging but technologically demanding geothermal energy source.

Our consultants offer advice on business modelling and planning, and assist the clients with financing geothermal projects. EFLA understands the close relationship of successful geothermal projects and characterization of the geothermal resource and places special emphasis on the exploration of geothermal resources as part of geothermal projects.

EFLA is experienced in feasibility studies and cost estimation for geothermal power plants as well as direct usages of the geothermal energy.

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